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  1. The Indian Summer

    Can you believe it?

    They are so rare, and here we are 10 days into September, and we are still able to be wearing summer dresses most days.

    I know it shouldn't, but it reminds me that we normally have a miserable September.
  2. Fertility during Peri-menopause

    As a woman enters the beginning stage of menopause, referred to as perimenopause, her fertility begins a rapid decline. Perimenopause is the transitional phase in between fertility and the end of the ability to conceive and bear children. Although the odds of successfully conceiving and bearing a child are slim during this period, it is still possible. This can be good news for some women and bad for others. Women who enter menopause prior to age 40 have entered early or premature menopause. For ...
  3. Do You Get These Comments?

    Did you read the Huffington Post article "" last week on street harassment?... l did. Do you get those comments on the street? Many of comments the staff received on their way to work one day were pretty disgusting, too disgusting for me to repeat so click on the link and have a read of the article if you haven't read it. If you read the article, did you post anything on #ThatsWhatHeSaid?

    So before we ...
  4. Mistake for the better

    A few Months ago I could not imagine saying that a disastrous mistake can bring change for the good. But it happened. I think that it might have saved my marriage though it could easily have destroyed it.

    Me and hubby have never been this close to each other. We have always been close, but to fix what was broken we had to be even more honest with each other then we have ever been. I have always loved him in our marriage of 13 years but some where along the way we stopped communicating. ...
  5. That's not my name

    Online I am often called cheery, rather than cherry, which I don't mind as normally the error is quite simply caused by a mistype because the 'e' and the 'r' are close together.

    However, in real life I still seem to get difficulties.

    When I say "my name is Cherry", I often get called Sherry, or Sheree.

    I then usually reply "No, it is Cherry as in the little red fruit. "

    Once though, a man who called me Sheree, on ...
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