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  1. Is There Any Relationship Between Money and Sex?

    If a person believes that his wallet has nothing to do with sex, then that is a big mistake. Recently, the United States "Money" magazine conducted a detailed investigation for more than 1000 pairs of married couples, opened a delicate relationship between money and sex life.

    It will be more concerned about money when your sex life is boring. If the couple thinks that sex life is boring, or there is serious sex problem, people will care more about money, spend more time ...
  2. What Are Finger Vibrators?

    Finger Vibrators are a kind of small, compact and discreet vibrators with strong vibration, which are designed to put on your fingers to use. The finger vibrators come in a variety of textures and colors. You can use this vibrator to give yourself the magic touch.

    These little personal vibrators are very discreet, they are ideal for the on-the-go women and secret use. Finger vibes are great sex toys and with all-purpose, everyone could have a try, and they could help you spice up masturbation, ...

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  3. Is the forum returning to life?

    We have had so many trols and spammers here of late, but now?
  4. Indiana passes anti Gay/Lesbian law.

    Indiana has distinguished itself as a Hobby Lobby puppet, by passing legislation allowing businesses to refuse services to Gay or Lesbian couples.
    WTF is this?
    1925 or something?
    How is this even possible?
  5. Radio Shack sells out your private information.

    For years RS collected mountains of data on people that purchased the most insignificant products, like batteries.
    Now, after promising they would never sell this information, that's exactly what they are doing.
    IDK if it includes CC info, probably not.
    But everything else, home and business addresses, cell phone and other tele numbers, all your purchases, etc.
    So if that describes you, get ready for a spam onslaught.
    My dad made a business of never giving this ...
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