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  1. *April 2014*

  2. Is it that time already?

    Well it is now day 2 of the new BST [british summer time] and I still find it has thrown me a little.

    Such a pointless anachronism.

    Take it away.
  3. Has Health and Safety Gone Mad?

    I've been a bit confused recently how much I should wrap my grandchildren in cotton wool to protect them, and how much I should allow them to make mistakes.

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  4. This is worrying


    This is my first blog entry on here, after accidentally linking to my blog site from here on the normal forum - sorry Admin!

    I've been quite concerned recently about an Act of Parliament which may affect some of us here. If you have difficulty paying Council Tax, outstanding Parking Tickets or anything where you may have a bailiff instructed, this will affect you.

    I've emailed my MP about this issue.

    What worries me is that in 11 ...

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  5. Political worldview

    Thought I'd try a blog but....if I can't pick a fight, I'll be back!

    Here goes...

    President Bill Clinton claimed in 1999, "Perhaps for the first time in history, the world's leading nations are not engaged in a struggle with each other for security or territory." And Hillary claimed Russia an ally with her “RESET”.

    Not true then and apparently isn’t true today.

    Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” matched Putin’s “I’d rather ...
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