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  1. Please, please, please

    I'm posting this here so all the new members signing up will see it. We have so many joining and not introducing themselves so please go to the forum and say hello. I know we would love to get to know you. Just go to the forum and look right on top and you will see "Why not introduce yourself?". This is a great place to start meeting everyone.
  2. Join in

    Cherrystone is right, so many people viewing here and not posting. I always see that the number of guest greatly exceeds the number of members on at any given time. Why not join in on the friendship and fun and become part of our family. It really is one of the best women forums to be a part of.
  3. Hi all

    Just a brief wave to all the people who seem to enjoy the forum but never get involved.

    In the last 24 hours there were 901 of you.


    Updated 07-02-2016 at 12:41 AM by cherrystone

  4. How Weird the Old Sex Culture is!

    Penis and vagina has a public name

    Before the Hawaiian Islands has been found by the westerners, no matter being noble or humble, everyone’s penis and vagina has a public name.Whether it is a member of the royal family or a civilian, they will chant a song of their genitals. The lyrics are all describe the genitals from multi angle. In the wedding scene, you should sing the song to all the relatives and friends.

    The couple can't take off their underwear when they make ...
  5. How Ridiculous is Homosexual Discrimination?

    The reason for “homophobia” is nothing more than three kinds: ignorance, the vent of negative feelings and moral kidnapping.

    In May 17, 1990, the WHO announced the expulsion of the "gay" from the roster of mental illness. Later, every year on this day, is known as “International Day Against Homophobia”, from the source it has been 26 years. The purpose of this holiday is to awaken people’s attention to the fear of homosexuality, all the physical and spiritual violence and ...
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