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  1. Global Warming, I'm in denial

    I'm not really in denial, I think I'm just skeptical. I mean what in science is really all that proven. Even gravity isn't fully explained.

    My first problem is.... if one is to believe the Earth is warming, and that we are told is a bad thing, doesn't that imply scientists know what Earth's ideal (median) temperature is or should be? The Earth has been in existence 5-billion years or so and humans have been keeping global temperatures for how long? What were the CO2 levels in ...
  2. Five Amazing Ways To Tighten Your Loose Vagina

    For a lady, a loose vagina can be a source of great discomfort and embarrassment. It might sound unusual at first, but itís a problem faced by tons of women out there.

    Contrary to popular belief, too much sex isnít necessarily a cause of loose vagina, but a rather reoccurring cause of loose vagina can be attributed to childbirth and natural aging over time.

    The vaginal muscles are elastic and can easily stretch to considerable length. This ...

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    Health & Fitness , Advice For Women
  3. 6 Original, Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas.

    [B]1. Sunset and wine. [/B]
    What could be as beautiful and romantic as a sunset, or as delicious as a good wine? Imagine this perfect combination: You + Your date + A great place or view + Sunset + Wine = Perfect date! You only need to find a perfect place and a bottle of wine (remind that you will also need glass cups and a bottle opener) to make a great experience together.
    2. Bonfire and music under the stars.[/B]
    If you play the guitar you are almost done, but ...
  4. Safety Tips For Any Businessís Woman Traveling Alone

    [QUOTE=olulinda;76170]A great number of people gets a little nervous or anxious when it comes to travelling alone, whether for business or just for pleasure. And with the increasing number of single women travelers across the world, being prepared to face and overcome all types of traveling issues is essential, and even more important if itís your first time doing it.

    So here are some useful tips to consider if you want to make your solo travelling experience a more pleasant one. ...
  5. Please, please, please

    I'm posting this here so all the new members signing up will see it. We have so many joining and not introducing themselves so please go to the forum and say hello. I know we would love to get to know you. Just go to the forum and look right on top and you will see "Why not introduce yourself?". This is a great place to start meeting everyone.
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