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    Welcome aboard.
    I hope you find this forum just what you are looking for. We are a pretty nice group of ladies who enjoy the pleasant forum life.
    Posting here is like a walk in ones garden, there is always a little buzz going on, and the flowers are always blooming and looking interesting.
    It's actually quite refreshing.
    Do post often and enjoy your stay.
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    1. cherrystone's Avatar
      cherrystone -
      I think that is a lovely way to describe our forum.
    1. KJay's Avatar
      KJay -
      Very well said, Its the perfect description of our forum.
    1. KJay's Avatar
      KJay -
      Quote Originally Posted by collinsstacy08 View Post
      Wow! It seems I'm in the right group.
      Happy to hear that. I think this is the best forum on the internet.
    1. KJay's Avatar
      KJay -
      Quote Originally Posted by janesmithfashion View Post
      I love the description. This is one of the best forum I ever found.
      I couldn't agree more.
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