• Global Warming, I'm in denial

    I'm not really in denial, I think I'm just skeptical. I mean what in science is really all that proven. Even gravity isn't fully explained.

    My first problem is.... if one is to believe the Earth is warming, and that we are told is a bad thing, doesn't that imply scientists know what Earth's ideal (median) temperature is or should be? The Earth has been in existence 5-billion years or so and humans have been keeping global temperatures for how long? What were the CO2 levels in the atmosphere when dinosaurs walked the planet? I think I've read that fossil evidence indicates elevated CO2 levels, greater than today's. And even the continents aren't stable in location, they drift. So what is this optimal Earth temperature? If we are really supposed to get all hot and bothered (pardon the pun) shouldn't we at least know what the Earth's historically ideal temperature should be?

    I mean if we don't have a target to guide Earth to, what then? But that's my next problem.
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    1. CaliGirl's Avatar
      CaliGirl -
      Maybe this is the cycle of Earth, there are no records of this because it hasn't happened yet, so that's why it's all new to Scientists and doesn't show any previous patterns or records to compare to. Human's go through a cycle that we call life, we are born, then marry having our own families then they have families until we have completed our life here. Maybe Global Warming is similar to the cycle of life who knows but it's interesting nevertheless.
    1. cherrystone's Avatar
      cherrystone -
      There is no doubt in my mind that this 'phase' will only be understood in retrospect.

      I just hope that we have one.
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