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    Re: Safety Tips

    This will offend some people, but I believe the U.S. has too many police officers. I was in a situation about 3 years ago where I made an illegal turn.

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    Re: I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, But...

    A friend of mine is a karate black belt and teaches classes in his building. He has many women in these classes and demonstrates what they should do

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    Re: I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, But...

    My mother always sends me this type of BS email trails with silly stuff...One was where you should look under you car when getting into it at a shopping

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    Re: Safety Tips

    Never gotten pulled over that way..but was watching the crime channel where an actual cop was pulling over women, directing them to a desolate area, then

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    Re: Introduction

    Hi Jill! Welcome!

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    JasmineMbye 08-15-2014 01:44 PM
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